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19 Feb Nominations Open for 2020 CCWPF Press Freedom Award

Do you know a journalist or media employee whose work has been frustrated by a cloak of secrecy over the public's right to know, or by legal manoeuvres or political intimidation? Do you know of a reporter who has risked his or her safety or reputation for the sake of free speech? If so, why not nominate him or her for the annual Press Freedom Award from the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom? This annual award goes to a journalist or media worker in Canadian print, digital or broadcasting who has made a significant contribution to freedom of expression, often...

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17 Feb Call for Submissions – 20th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition

Here are the rules and regulations: 1. The theme for the 20th International Editorial Cartoon Competition is:Pulling the plug on social mediaAfter a facing backlash over the publication of a cartoon deemed anti-Semitic, the New York Times stopped publishing editorial cartoons in their international publication. In August, India stripped Kashmir of its constitutional autonomy and isolated it from the world by cutting it off from the Internet. Thirty years after the fact, the Chinese are still kept in the dark about the Tiananmen Square massacres. Iran can claim, without risk of contradiction that its response to the attack on General Soleimani killed 80...

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01 Oct To Fight Fake News, Become Your Own Editor

This blog post originally appeared on the Canadian Committee for UNESCO website on September 3, 2019. You can find the original post here Lightspring/Shutterstock A number of recent studies have revealed worrying figures about peoples’ ability to distinguish deceitful news reporting from responsible journalism—or in other words, “fake news” from truth: • The Pew Research Center found that some 64 per cent of Americans say fake news has left them confused about what to trust. • The 2018 British Commission on Fake News and the Teaching of Critical Literacy Skills found that when presented with six news stories—four of which were real...

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